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Sometimes the only thing better than that thrill of discovery is sharing that discovery with others. If you’re passionate about Linux or open source software and have something important, fun, or educational to say, share it with us. Then we’ll share it with the world.

Stuck on exactly what to write about? Each month we’ll have themes to get those ideas flowing, beginning in January 2021 with “Installing Linux.”

Here’s how to join the Linux For Everyone community and submit your words:

  1. Sign up for a Medium account if you don’t have one already. It’s pretty painless.
  2. Go to the Linux For Everyone homepage and click the “Follow” button.
  3. Send an email to linuxforeveryone (at) pm (dot) me. Include your Medium username and a writing sample, or a link to your existing work. This can be anything you’re proud of. Credentials don’t matter to us, only quality and enthusiasm does.
  4. After you’re accepted as a writer, you can simply draft a story and then click “Submit To Publication” in the editing menu to send it over to us!
  5. For more information on writing at Medium, please read this. You also are welcome to participate in the Medium Partner Program and earn money from the stories you publish here.

Linux For Everyone is a worldwide collective of creators sharing their enthusiasm and passion for Desktop Linux, open source software, and the community creating it. You can also watch our YouTube channel, which has 45,000 awesome subscribers and is growing fast!



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Jason Evangelho

Jason Evangelho

Technology addict, Linux enthusiast, musician, and writer. Currently reviving my imagination from a coma. Also an American in Croatia.